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Originally Posted by campekenobi View Post
I think midi control mapping needs to be looked at as well.
I have an AKAI MPK61, and while some of the global default controls are nice, and do work with Reason's devices (even though Reason calls my unit the MPK49), RE's are BLANK. And if I map sliders to a new RE, I LOSE the global mappings that work with the Reason synths. Very lame, very frustrating. You should be able to map your controller to a rack device, then SAVE the settings GLOBALLY so the next time you make that rack device, it remembers settings specific to that device.

EDIT: It recently came to my attention that not only did Rob Papen create a downloadable midi map template for Predator, but there's also a way to edit Reason's global midi mapping!! Unbelievable.

Reason REMOTE:

Are you sure? I dont map my keys, but my bcf2000 and bcr2000 both remember settings