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rvolt, I've seen other commenters having the same problem as me. I have Balance as my usb stick, and I've downloaded all my purchased Rack Extensions, And for each one I first "try" it, I download it then I restart Reason with the Balanced not-plugged in, so it is forced to seek Internet authorization for the Try. I try it out in the Rack, then plug in the Balance USB, and do a "Purchase", and it writes the license to my Balance. So far so good.

But my problem started with I did a Try of the Radical Piano, and decided not to purchase it. So I did a Delete of that one, successfully it seems. I don't see it listed amongst my Rack Extensions anymore. But sadly, whenever I restart Reason, I get a dialog saying it wants to use the internet to get authentication for a rack extension, and I have to click OK to let it. This wouldn't bother me, if it would just automatically do the internet check... whatever it wants to check, without interrupting the boot of Reason to a usable state.