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[QUOTE=selig;1176240]The original SSL can do up to 32 busses (for creating sub-mixes), 8 fader groups, and has solo isolate. Reason can create unlimited busses (but it needs to be accomplished with fewer clicks), has no fader groups, and no solo isolate.

I agree with you but I also believe Props would have to address most of these problems on Balance. If it is going to be the dedicated mixer/interface then we need to be able to do fader groups as well as quick edit for the buses we create to get down to a 8 fade, then mix to one. I do not believe we can get the fader groups done quicker without it because we are not able to respond fast enough. Now the other solution would go to touch screen for I-pod or other such devices.

This is what I find (an old analog head) with most of the analog to digital problem; there is no hands on. I believe this is why pro-tools has their mixing board with interface and outboard gear. Korg could make the gear because they had a device in the 90st and early 2000's that was hardware to software. Props should anchor with them and go to the next level.
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