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I looked up the model number you posted and couldn't find any exact information.

It does look like you can run Windows 7 64-bit. There's no mention of Windows 8 compatibility, but that doesn't mean it won't run Windows 8 - it's more likely that the only reason it doesn't mention Windows 8 is because Windows 8 wasn't out when your computer came out.

What I could not find is the maximum RAM that the laptop will support. Note that even if the OS can support more RAM, laptops often/usually have physical limits to the amount of RAM you can put in them based on the motherboard and/or memory slots/bus.

If your computer uses DDR2 RAM it appears that 4GB is the maximum RAM it will support. If your computer uses DDR3 RAM it looks like it can take a maximum of 8GB RAM.

You can determine if you have DDR2 or DDR3 RAM by going to Control Panel >> System and looking at the memory information.

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