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I tried out this rack extension and bought it. this seemly simple* ( I'll speak to that in a moment) device can have subtle or radical transformative effects on what ever it is used to alter, bend ,fold, spindle or mutilate, as it is packaged.
And ... there is the section of the device that will accept and control generic those items that are provided with the program ; Scream 4, ECHO etc and or custom home made combinators devised in the privacy ones own reason secret laboratory
This unit offers a lot of power. The best part about it is the bang for the buck factor.
At this price with this much potential for doing what it does so well, it's a deal, ,it's a steal or as Turkish said to Tommy " well done my son, all this and money left over, Tommy have you been paying attention for a change?"

*The "seemly simple" caveat..... it seems simple it is simple.
As a person that is very dyslexic simple for everyone else is not necessarily simple for me. Some manuals, DAW interfaces, plug ins, et al. ,well I just can not understand the internal logic of a system. (Reason is a breeze)
When using GLITCH I was able to understand and operate the unit in moments and went on to create a " creation using GLITCH the additional inputs , combinators, and automation to conceive and execute an abomination of such statistical density as to render the creation a danger to DNA sequences when listened to, and it was simple to do so.
i aspire to be Ralph Steadman of electronic music.