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Originally Posted by stevenha View Post
I want something like this too. I also want all the randomly chosen sounds for all the components, and I want a gradual change over 4 bars from one set to the next. And that, sounds like something that sits inside a combinator, controlling a mixer inside, and having control over 2 alternating sets of all the other instruments and effects inside it. I just want to keep playing and playing, and not take my hand off the keys to fiddle with the software.
Hey Stevenha

Thanks for your response

I like your morphing idea from one set of samples to another. I know you can put a number of different samples into an NN-XT into a single zone and it will trigger them on a "round robin" sequential basis. You can also set the velocities so a different sample will play in a particular zone depending on how hard you hit your drum pad or keyboard.

I think you can automate the velocity by setting a specific pattern in a matrix so it increases over say 4 bars, and use the matrix sequencer to play the NNXTs notes at increasing velocities. That would automatically morph the samples for you from one set to the other when it hits the right velocity level, and then I guess you could loop it in your it returns to the original levels and original samples.

The other way you could do that is set up two totally different NNXT patches Morph1 and Morph2 and just cross fade from one into the other at a particular point. Then the first set would be rediced in volume as the second set kicks in.

And I suppose you could logically combine both approaches. Somehow.

Incidentally, I learned a little trick from -008. Put all of your kick drum sounds in an NN-XT, all your snare drums in a separate one, and so on. Then build a combinator with all the separate NN-XTs included. Then its just a case of auditioning each one byplaying each of your say, 49 notes on your midi controller keyboard to find the best sample for your kick drum in the first NNXT out of the batch, say Kick047 - then move onto the snare, select say, Snare 003 as your favourite and repeat with the rest of your NN-XTs until you have done the whole kit.

You can always then recreate the same unique sample combination in a Redrum or Kong for further use.

It's not random selection, far from it, but its not a bad way of choosing sounds you actually like rather than robitically selecting Kick001, Snare001, LoTom1, etc.and spending days creating sample combinatrions you may not actually like or ever use.