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I know a full-time gigging muso on another forum, using another set of apps, who performs with two identically-configured IBM laptops. If one fails he can be up with the second in minutes. This has happened to him a handful of times in something like ten years. He replaces the laptops if they fail completely or if they will no longer run the necessary programs. This is usually a period of years.

So, to the OP, to reiterate jamesmiles's central thought, if you really are serious about this, meaning that you are a full-time gigging musician whose income depends on it, having two identical setups, including software and dongles, should make sense. If you're not full time I would think about hardware solutions such as synthesizers and sequencers and/or CD/MP3 players to accomplish what you are doing now. More expensive in the short term, but much more reliable. Just a thought.
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