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Lightbulb Rack Extension "Open Only" License

As users begin to share sessions with each other. And ReFill producers begin to (potentially) use Rack Extensions in their ReFills. The collaboration, and market for ReFills, will be challenged with forcing some users into doing without the features of a Rack Extension during their collaborations. Or missing out on some features of patches in a ReFill referencing the RE.

So, I forward this idea:

Could the Rack Extensions (with permission from their developers) include an "Open Only" license?
This would allow someone to open an .RNS file that uses an RE the user does not own.
The RE would be "greyed out" or "ghosted" or "edit crippled" in some fashion where alterations could not be made to the settings, or wiring.... BUT, the RE would perform exactly the functions it was set to when the ReFill was authored, or the .RNS was last saved.

This could be promoted as having the "Open Only Available" as a feature.
Some developers may enjoy allowing users to be continually teased into ownership by seeing that "open only" greyed out device too often. And some devices may become "The Standard" in their field, as they'd be used more often because of the "open only" availability.
This would also allow developers to distribute demo songs showcasing the RE's capabilities, without timing out after the standard demo period expired.

But... Developers who may feel threatened by lost possible lost sales could opt-out of this additional license feature, and continue on selling and demo'ing RE's as we presently have.