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Originally Posted by TTTOY View Post
Hello, as a long term fan and professional producer I have to recommend a way to keep your clients happy and able to use your software flexible and easy. It makes me very sad at this point that it looks like I have to find another way of building my live/concert setup but it seems there´s no other way.
The Ignition key is simply not trustful and I can´t risk to mess up my show just because my bought licenses for RE´s are suddenly not found anymore.. These issues appeared several times now and it´s quite outragous to ask for an internet connection everywhere you go..
I use two computers and on both I could make it work of course but those issues happen again. I don´t want to go through the nightmare before a concert, find a wifi and re-download stuff I bought already..
Do you understand that this is punishment for your clients and makes an easy workflow impossible ?

My suggestions:
1. Find a way to solve Dongle license issues or simply get rid of it. (The pirates won´t be stopped by it anyway)
2. Allow 2 Dongles if "holy Ignition" is needed.. One for studio and one for the road.
3. Don´t try to make Reason the all in one solution for the studio.. It is a very great Rewire unit which works nice and flexible.. Don´t try to make it a Pro Tools for low budget.. It doesn´t suit it..

Thank you, I hope those issues will disappear, otherwise I gotta find me another solution.
Best, a fan truly
Relax, already solved: