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Originally Posted by something View Post
Not everyone uses Focusrite soundcards.
Besides that i don't plan to buy another soundcard every 12 months.
If i think of sampling in Reason i assume it's software based.

If this would be fixed in Reason then you can sample regardless which soundcard you use.
So you are left with the two options you know about

1. Soundflower/JackAudio - as has already been mentioned

2. External audio cable - which you have used.

If there is software available to do this already (see point 1 above), it doesn't make any sense for Props to re-invent the wheel, when they could be spending their time and resources adding features that would appeal to a wider audience.

On the other hand, maybe they haven't implemented this feature because they don't want to, or maybe to try and stop people using their software to rip stuff off of you-tube or other streaming sites - trying to reduce piracy in their own way? - I don't know.

Anyway,if they make it - you can have it, but until then you have a working solution. You also have an alternative method - which seems much more practical to me.

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