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Unhappy We need good guitar & bass amp simulator

Hi propelleheads geniuses...

We urgently need amps for guitar and bass.

That I think is the most under represented feature in the Reason software.
The bass amp is not that bad, tried it and it works ok, but the guitar amp is to basic and the fact that you can't edit the FX and mike placement are features deadly missing.

I own Scuffham S-Gear and it's a very good amp, I also have Line6 PodFarm 2 witch is way better than what is included with your software.

I am new to Reason and find that it's a very good software to work quickly and with efficiency, it's an amazing tool. I was working with Logic Pro and still am but planning on going completely Reason for all it's features, but please give us amps simulators so that we can to get decent guitar tones...

Thank you... keep up the nice work.