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Originally Posted by jamesmiles View Post
Some interface manufacturers have identified, and responded to the need for accomplishing what you're trying to do. Focusrite have this loopback feature in their Scarlet 8i6. RME have this feature in their devices with the TotalMix internal DSP. Metric Halo audio interfaces can loopback through their onboard mixer also. Lastly, many onboard cheap soundcards such as SoundBlasters have this ability (although it often isn't marketed, or identified as usable in this way). Perhaps you can trade in your Scarlett 2i2, and upgrade to the 8i6?
I knew about the Sound-blaster cards, but I didn't know about the others...My comment about him asking Focusrite, was more to do with him implying that it is Props job to fix it.

Anyway - great post.