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+1 on "Randomize Patch" suggestion for Subtractor, Maelstrom, Thor, etc. Love this feature on most synths that have it. Great way to get to something out of the ordinary, or a variation.
I especially like a "Randomize Patch" feature with a % deviation setting... Like randomize all parameters up to 10% or 20% away from their current settings.

I too have WAAAAY too many samples, and would love a load randomly selected samples from a folder into a Kong.

Or... how about this way: "Audition next sample on next MIDI note" This way you just keep bashing the one key/pad while Reason goes down the list one at a time.

<Hit> "Thump"
<Hit> "Ooomph"
<Hit> "Thunk"
<Hit> "Thud" ..... yeah... that's the one..

(or it could be a MIDI assignable button on the device... kinda like the little down arrow in the redrum... but MIDI mappable)