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Originally Posted by dub08 View Post
Noone is missing the point of your thread. You are missing the point of the replies, I think?

No other DAW does this as far as I know. Please enlighten us if you have an example.

And you keep saying "sample what's going THRU the sound card"
What it does is sample what is plugged "IN the soundcard"
That is all that is claimed or expected of it and it works great.

Just curious what exactly were you trying to sample, YouTube song?
It doesn't matter what i'm trying to sample, generally it should sample everything that comes trough the soundcard.
If you don't understand that, what i am saying is that whatever you play on your computer that produces sound (in your webbrowser, mediaplayer, skype conversation, whatever).

If you have read the whole thread i already said that i don't know if other DAW software does this.
Probably in your opinion is that if no other DAW has this then Reason shouldn't have it either.

Fact is, a $25 software is able to do this while a $450 software is not.