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Originally Posted by jamesmiles View Post
The rental option did cross my mind. Good for collaborations. Pain if you have to make an edit to a track a month later though. Also wouldn't address the issue of using RE's in Refills.

In the meantime, I suppose I'll continue my bi-weekly RE shopping habit. :P
To me it's more of a pain to NEVER be able to edit a track later, due to your REs being "Open Only".

As for using REs in a ReFill, the exact same rules apply to using them in a Song, right? Either way you need to own the RE in order to use the ReFill. Making an RE "open only" means it CAN be used in a ReFill that is offered for sale, you just can't edit it. I can't imagine RE devs will be too happy with that scenario.

As far as I can see, the "rental" idea is simple to implement and address all situations as well as it possibly can. But the "open only" idea will be complicated to implement (requiring changes to the SDK) and it CAN be used to circumvent the current CP and allow REs to be used (but not edited) in commercial ReFills. There are SO many things that the same resources required to address the SDK COULD be used on instead.

I'm still heavily leaning towards the rental solution since it's simple to implement, generates additional and proportional income to the devs so they don't feel taken advantage of, and there's no way to 'game the system' that I can think of. Am I missing anything here? :-)
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