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Originally Posted by Arsenic View Post
You are really missing the point - This 25$ piece of software was DESIGNED to do that. Reason was not - it's not about the price it is about what was intended in the first place.

If this piece of cheap software can do what you want - go and use it.

How can they fix something that isn't broken - What you are trying to do hasn't been implemented - They can't fix what isn't there....

As I said - there is already a perfectly good solution to this - for some reason you refuse to accept that fact...Looking back at your other posts and threads, is there some fundamental reason that you won't use the other method? Is it because you don't understand what to do - Even though Bonez explained it to you. It's starting to look like you can't be bothered to set it up, so you resort to asking Props to program a custom solution for you.

Good just seem incapable of taking advice from people who have taken the time and trouble to try and help you.

All I can say is "good luck with this one"

EDIT: I know I am not doing myself any favours here, and I know I am going to regret this, but.....

Why should it?

In the word of Lunesis "Hmmm! No comment"
It seems that most people who reply are not actually into sampling and do not need it in the future as well.
I don't understand why i only see negative comments regarding this feature request.

I see the people who replied to this are all against such a feature/fix so let's forget this feature request although i keep finding it a real shortcoming that Reason can't sample anything from soundcard.

This is my very last post i make in this thread, as i won't make it my daytime job to reply on tons of negative comments that won't make a feature request any further.

All the best.