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Originally Posted by selig View Post
How would you think the system could possibly be "gamed" in the rental scenario? If you've 'rented' OR trailed the RE, you have the right to use it in any songs you like - why lock it?

Great ideas, BTW. :-)

I guess I was assuming that a free or very inexpensive system was on the table when I mentioned "gaming the system" and advocated read-only and was lumping all options under the "rental" term. Because I'm a wordsmith.

I guess I'm against strict "rental" for the sake of temporary use for all your music (indefinite trial extensions so to speak) and more interested in solving the problem of momentary need in a specific collab scenario. I don't like the idea of artists having the possibility of making many songs that use rented RE's because it opens the possibility that someone you are collabing with won't have a particular RE next month or whatever. That's just awkward and complicated. What if a project goes on start-and-stop for months? I'd rather get a license that enables read-only access (with bypass/off/on maybe) for free or a small fee, that would work forever, and is associated with a specific project - or not. I think this is simpler.

If it was readonly, you can see the RE in operation and how it was set up and what it does, but you don't have full access. Maybe this can be the alternative to the cardboard-box system in place, or an "upgrade" to that for a fee, just so you can still export your songs made with trial RE's, and collab.

I guess it's whose life do you want to make simpler, Props, or customers? From the business perspective, yeah, configuring the system for pay-as-you-go trials is easier. But I think that read-only-access-forever is better for customers.

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