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Ipad App

I first used Reason on my friend's macbook pro in a live setting, now I own Reason myself but I don't have a laptop, and thus I have no way of using Reason live. I thought it would be sweet if propellerhead could create an app that would allow Reason users to transfer patches and sounds created on their computer onto their mobile device; then use their mobile device to power a midi controller.
I don't know if an ipad or iphone would have enough processing power to actually run a program as large as Reason, which is why I suggest the app not have the ability to create patches, but as a tool to connect my mobile device to Reason. Of course then the app would be exclusive to reason users.
Also, now that Propellerhead is in the business of making hardware (like Balance), they could also create a midi to ipad/iphone adapter. These adapters already exist, but from the reviews I've read, they could use improving.


P.S. I don't know if this forum is the right place to throw out this idea, but it seemed the best place I could find.