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Originally Posted by rogerlevy View Post
Well, you make a good argument with the point about refills. so read-only-forever seems to be out. conversely in a per-song system you can't add or remove these read-only devices, nor can you connect or disconnect cables, and if they exist in refills they would show up as non-functioning cardboard boxes like in any other "unlicensed" songs.

In the end you're right it is probably too big of a pain to implement. But this ReTrial idea... I dunno I think it would make vendors lose out on money. I could use an expensive RE for a few months not as a trial but for a specific project. Or maybe it would bring revenue from customers that otherwise wouldn't have paid anything. Yeah I guess it's cool. Don't call it "rental" though. I don't want it to be automatic. With things like that you associate "late" fees. I don't want subscriptions piling up under my nose or anyone else's. 30 days, then you have to manually ReTrial.

On the subject of cost ... $9 a ReTrial seems about right.
Yea, rentals isn't the right word anyway, which is why I was thinking ReTrial. But it can't be $9 for every device because some are only $9 to being with. Like I said, neither solution is perfect, but there MUST be some way to allow more flexibility than the current situation in the collaboration process IMO. :-)
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