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Originally Posted by lilgeez View Post
What following tutorial?? And I'm guessing you want to duck the subbass with the kick??What you do is, create a audio splitter for the kick (or sound you want to be the ducker). Connect the output of the kick to it. Route one (L+R pair) output back to where the kick output was first going. Then route the next one (L+R pair) into the "Dynamics" input on the back of the SubBass (or the sound you want to duck) "Mix Channel". Now enable the "Gate" in the SSL for the SubBass (sound that is being ducked). Play with the knobs concerning the gate, particulary the "Thresh" and "Range" until you see compression is happening (via the meter above the "Gate Section". This should pulse with the kick (or sound that is ducking the Sub). Now fine tune the "Gate Knobs" to taste. Cheers SideChain Compression ala SSL
cheers, will try that! The tutorial i saw said to take the insert fx from the kick drum to the sidechain on the sub bass and then turn it on at the sub bass compressor on the ssl. Didnt work!