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Originally Posted by markelson View Post
Hi and thanks for getting back to me!

I did try using the tuner on the audio track but found that maybe the drums were too fast for it. I've forgotten how I routed now and I've tried to do it the way you described but I'm getting a little confused (it's not hard to confuse me).

'On the Mix Channel you have the Kong Synth Bass Drum enabled the "Rec Source" button.'

Do you mean record enable?

I have routed the a kick drum out of kong and in into the 'from devices' input on an audio track. I can here and see the kick coming through on the mixer but when the audio track is armed I cant see it coming through in the sequence page and the tuner not hearing it either.

I hope thats clear enough for you. Any thoughts?

Many thanks, Mark

p.s. checked out your tracks on sound cloud... awesome! Sweet, sweet sound!!
Thanks mate appreciate it

Here's a picture of what I was describing. No routing of cables needed.

To get a good reading while doing it this way you might need to make a 1 bar loop of a single hit of the Bass Drum to give the tuner more time to recognise the pitch
Hope this help's

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