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ok I think I have a solution but it depends on your midi keyboards capabilitys first forget about advanced midi I had a look at that and didnt get anywhere I was about to give up completly then this popped into my head take your first midi keyboard and move it's octave range right down to it's lowest notes then move the other keyboard to its highest then open the combinator programmer and select your first instrument and change the note range from the lowest point to somewhere in the middle so your doing a keyboard split in the combinator then do the opposit with your other instrument. you should now have both insrtuments playing on different keyboard but 1 will be really low and 1 really high so you need to retune them this can be done on each individual insrtument but if you change the patch you will need to retune so another way to do it would be via the transpose in the comb programmer this should do it.

hope this works for you
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