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Exclamation Newbie ? Imported beat/Recording Vocals

My friend brought me a beat he bought to record his vocals over it.
I imported the beat he had & recorded his vocals, but every time
I play back his vocals the beat is so much louder than his vocals. I have my
mic volume turn up loud enough so he's not clipping & I'm using Balance so I also
have the clip safe turned on.

I've been turning up his vocal by clicking on the clip & turning it up in the clip level
instead of using the Fader on the mixer or the Gain knob at the very top of the channel strip.

Is this the right place to turn up his vocals or am I doing it all wrong?
Should I even turn up his vocals or should I just turn down the volume of the beat
I imported?

I've seen videos about recording vocals & recording audio but none of them explain this issue I'm having.

Hopfully I didnt confuse anyone . Any feedback is greatly appreciated.