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Shortcut pallet. I've been thinking more about this. In some of my other posts with feature suggestions, I had suggested having the ability to save "shortcuts" that point to the actual sound file, even if it was in a Refill. Then I could group all the shortcuts together in a folder of sounds I like.
Although the file browser does a somewhat decent job of playing the sound when you click on a file name, I think it's still too slow.
Exploring sounds, trying to decide which sound we like best, is consuming A LOT of time. So I have this idea of creating a special window where each of my sound shortcuts is shown as a colored dot, so I'd see a bunch of polka dots, and just by hovering my mouse over a dot, its sound would become active. I think that would save me a lot of time. And the file browser can only show alphabetic order, whereas I'd like to be able to move the dots around so I can visually group things that sound similar, and establish a ranking of how I like them, and so forth.