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Hi Barreauc

Welcome along and (even though I am not a Prop) sorry to hear of your frustration.

Propellerheads are a small company with a small crew. This will mean that they can't always respond to every request immediately (especially if it means conversing with a distributor on the other side of the globe).

This is one reason the Forum is so useful. Ask you question with enough information for someone to be able to give you guidance. If you approach us positively then people will help (just as I am trying to).

What I will say to you, and anyone else who tries the route you have here in this post, is that if you come on snarky then people will steer away from you. Even the people who could/should/would help you.

Reason is a super-successful product with lots and lots of happy users so that shows that 99.9% of things work and the other 1% get sorted in a fair manner. Your part is to allow the fair solution to be found and delivered.

I hope you find your solution soon. Hang in there as it is worth it.

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