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Back to Songwriting-Old School Way-Yamaha Motif XF

I was in my local Music/Synth Store playing on the Yamaha Motif XF workstation just the other day. What a sytnh/workstation it is. I was also on the Roland Fantom which was good also, but it just wasn't as inspiring as the Motif.

Anyhow it got me thinking to the way I used to compose before Reason ever existed, say back in the 90s. I had my Workstation synth, limited to say 16 Midi tracks. But i found that these limitations were good, as I would get my tracks finished, Start to End.

I absolutly love Reason. Dont get me wrong. Its awesome. But I find I have hundreds of 4 bar loops going nowhere. My songwriting has been hindered Which got me thinking.

Why don't the Props build a Reason, hardware,All-in-one-Workstation Synth, with all its software Soundbanks and FX, but maybe with certain optional limitations (say 16 Track Sequencer??), that will help with creativity and workflow. Also, it would be a super Live instrument, with the Props already Rock Solid Reputation of being 100 percent reliable. But its a Go-To Synth, with no distractions, but with limitations that actually help with creativity and inspiration.Just a thought.....

Anyhow, until then, I am somehow gonna get up the €2,500 to buy the Yamaha Motiff XF workstaion. I was truly amazed and inspired playing it. I know it will get my songwriting to a place where it just hasn't been in a few years.