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Originally Posted by JamesBermingham View Post
Anyhow, until then, I am somehow gonna get up the €2,500 to buy the Yamaha Motiff XF workstaion. I was truly amazed and inspired playing it. I know it will get my songwriting to a place where it just hasn't been in a few years.
Just my opinion, but that's a complete waste of money since you can buy a Nektar Panorama P4 (and soon, the 61-key P6) and compose with Reason just like it was a hardware workstation. Infinitely more powerful than a Motif XF, since the hardware was outdated the day it hit the production line. Curious as to how the software/OS updates will go with Yamaha as well... Will it be supported 5 years from now? If so, in what capacity?

Reason will.

Regardless, whatever works for you, right? If you're drawn to the Motif XF and are comfortable with it, go for it!
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