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Help With Using Reason 4 Live

Hi everyone,

I'm new here, and am in the process of changing my live setup from a Korg Triton Extreme keyboard over to midi with Reason.

I switch sounds pretty frequently throughout our songs, so I'm trying to be able to switch patches as smoothly as possible.

So far, I've been creating one Combinator per song, then putting the devices with the sounds I use in each Combinator, and creating a track for each device in the sequencer window, and switching between those.

The problem I come across is that when I hold out a sound, say a string sound, holding the sustain pedal, and then switch to another sound, say a piano, the switch is fine and quick but the previous patch (the string sound) continues to ring out forever (until I close the file).

How can I set up so this doesn't happen? Is this a common thing or weird that this is happening?

I'm very new to all of this, and appreciate any answers! Thanks in advance!