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Originally Posted by PsyTale View Post

So here is my list of questions:

1. Is reason not utilizing the cpu to the max?
2. Is reason not utilizing all the cores in my system?
3. Is the DSP meter a meter that measures capability of a sound interface?
4. Is this a posible harddisk problem (disk to slow or something?) im using 2 western digital black edition disks in raid 0.
5. Is is my ram, do i need more ?!

UPDATE: It seems to only use 4 threads?
Nice topic! These are also my questions. I have the same problems.

(I think I know a few things... but since I am not an expert I might be wrong)

Unfortunately, it seems that Reason is not utilizing the CPU to max, and I know... that sucks badly. But this is common in many applications, most of them are unable to utilize more than 4 treads.

It has nothing to do with hard disks, for sure. Hard disks are for loading times, especially when there are many audio samples . Your ram plays a minor role to the DSP performance . If your ram in the current song is not maxed-out then its unlikely to affect the DSP performance.

DSP performance is dependent both to the CPU and the sound card's driver. But no doubt the CPU plays the main role.

Some more info about CPUs:

A friend of mine has an AMD Phenom 1100T and Reason is a breeze on that system. In task manager you will see five threads running simultaneously. Its a six core / six threads CPU btw.

I have an Intel 3770K overclocked to 4.5GHz.... :P and it can handle more demanding projects than my friends AMD, but in task manager I see only 3 threads utilized by Reason.

So its not only about Reason but about chipsets and CPU architecture.

I WISH Reason could utilize all the threads though...

*PS don't expect answer from Propellerheads team, many trolls will show up and few will post normal comments. I have had bad experiences with a topic I started before some weeks.


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