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Exclamation Mixer/Neptune Input Bug Found (6.5.2)

I found a bug in Reason today. I was trying to use a mixer as a switch to control what audio gets sent to a Neptune (I'm doing some experiments with audio to MIDI conversion and am trying to sort out what the heck Neptune's Pitch CV out is doing, because it's not just sending normal MIDI note values - not sure why, as that would seem to make obvious sense). Anyway, I've found that the audio Neptune receives doesn't respect the mixer settings, no matter the type of mixer device. If you mute a channel, Neptune still responds to the signal as if it weren't muted. To test things, I stuck a Spider Audio Splitter after the mixer's master output and routed one version of the signal to the Neptune and the other to a mixer channel. Muting the input shuts off the audio going to the mixer channel, but not to Neptune. Similarly, changes to the volume levels on the mixer have no effect on what Neptune is hearing.

I posted a song file that demonstrates this issue at I hope you'll take a look into this.