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Lightbulb next generation tabbed combinator

this combinator like utility would be very welcome in a long performance oriented reason rack.

it would function much the same way the current combinator works , hosting the devices and containing clutter ..

where it differs is the there will be multiple tabs allowing similar parts used in performance data down the line (bass, lead synth, alternate percussion, main rhythm, effects synth, etc.) in a hour or greater performance to lay dormant until a control change swaps tabs letting the next section of the performance use a different process chain ..

this will lay dormant the previous set of objects and allow the organization of a complete long performance reducing the likelihood of a "this computer is too slow to play the song" message ..

ps. if the objects had precedence numerically assigned to them the computer could handle low resource errors more elegantly, perhaps dropping some effect on the alt percussion drums that is considered less important than the whole mix ... if it keeps playing then the dancing crowd will be happy .. it seems so very obvious ...