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Glued combinator systems

Please make it possible to glue and unglue combinator systems so in glued mode all wires stay connected by loading a combinator patch made in this system.

I know a lot will say a combinator 2.0 is the answer and i'm into for sure, but you can use already more combinator devices to control or to select parameters of devices which are placed in another one.

There are a few limits, but still enough room to create wicked custom instruments which going far beyond 4 rotary's and 4 buttons.

But unfurtunately the work in such systems can be saved only as a songfile. Or with the effort to save a and open a patch for each used device in this system.

And as a refill maker i would like to have the RPS file back, i never used it before, but this would allow to offer demo versions of such combinator systems !