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Originally Posted by jpicci View Post
great idea, quick question.
what link is good for a step by step, progression of learning reason (have 6.5) for beginners'
i have found allot of the links, you tube sites are all over the place. Like you will get for example. A great starter tutorial, then when its done. You can't find the next progression video.
I guess almost like a site that coincides with the users manual. Maybe there isnt , maybe i am looking for a course like site, that i might need to pay for.
I do not know if there is one link; however, there are several links, that would add up to too many to go through. My thoughts is to have one sonic comparison chart that aides the user when getting any device so they will not duplicate, or at least know that one system is superior to another. This should be based on a sonic playing field and not from name recognition either. Lastly I believe the guru's of reason (Selig, Jiggery-Pokery, etc) should be the compositors of the chart. I believe they are the more informed over all than the rest of us. Other than that there are some good tutorials out there but even with our tutorial sticky the links is not in order of importance or experience of the user (In my opinion).
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