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This thread is a feature suggestion and should be moved the appropriate location. Putting it in the User Forum does not give it extra legitimacy, or make it more official. The picture itself looks quite nice, and there are some good ideas there. But it only looks neat than a rack because you've created a very basic, linear chain in your Node view and you've manually drawn the connections. That Mixer 14:2 to Antidote line? Never going happen automatically. Such lines only work like the square bend line connectors in PowerPoint, where each part of the line is a separate node that you have to manually adjust. You really want to spend your life doing PowerPoint in Reason? I spent seven years doing PowerPoint for real. Anyone who's used Node based systems will know that eventually you'll have to start "crossing the streams" and it view gets progressively more and more complex and eventually much harder to tell where stuff is going.
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