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I totally agree, indeed. I used to think Reason was awesome, then I tried ProTools...
The MIDI editor is so better I almost switched to ProTools. But still Reason is the best software, either you want instrument or audio !

The possibility to mix several track on the piano roll and only write on one, so you have an overall view in edit mode, is a real plus that is missing in Reason.
Not to mention the smart tool and other features.

Props really need a better piano roll and midi edition. I saw the tutorial a couple of minutes ago, hoping I could learn something I didn't know in order to improve my workflow... It's indeed very very basic.

I'll never stop to say, Reason has the potential to be the best MAO soft, but they keep making RE, synths and refills...
I'm not a big audio user, but THIS was a real leap in Reason. Thor can do almost everything, but people keep asking synths because they can't create anything...

Priorities, Props...
Do you want to be the very best like no one ever was, or catch them (=idiots who can't create sounds and expect you to release more and more synths) is your real test, and drag them is your cause?