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I would appreciate FLAC support, too. I ripped my CD collection to FLAC, and it sure would make sampling easier.

And no fee-based license issues for the Props!

As for CPU usage, I don't think it takes a whole heck of a lot to decompress a FLAC file. When I run Foobar 2000 idle, it consumes between 0 and 2% of my crappy Pentium 4. While playing a FLAC file, it consumes between 0 abd 2% of the CPU.

No, I did not mistype. The hit on the CPU decompressing the FLAC is negligible.

And now that I think about it, all I care about is the capability to import FLAC files. Once imported, like any audio, I suppose it is in whatever format Reason uses internally. Decompressing CPU usage is irrelevant.
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