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WAV DVDS for sounds like Kontakt? strings, horns, electric guitar!

hi guys, thanks for all the help in the past, i'm just getting back in the states and excited to have some spare time to play with reason 6.5.1

I went to music store and they have great holiday sales going. Since I already purchased 2 of the later refills that interested me, he told me make my own sounds....i don't have the time to learn that process right now. Then he pointed me to these DVDS that are over half off!

They have a bunch of wav dvds on sale. Can anyone point me into the best wav dvds? I guess what's my best option if I want real sounds like Kontakt? I'm not looking for loops, I'd like a more wide range of strings, power guitars, guitars, and horns. I've never purchased a wav cd, but have used wav drums to make some kits. Is the quality pretty good compared to refills?

I saw several multi-format dvds that had rex, but those seemed to be built on loops/construction kits. I'm looking for something that i can use with nnxt, kong, etc...

BTW, I can't get any rack extensions right now because my computer couldn't handle 2 or 3 tracks during the trial period. I don't understand, in reason 6 i could use alligator for 4 or 5 tracks. Ever since the first upgrade I can't run one track with Alligator. I can't play old songs that used it in Reason 6. Even on a brand new song, if i'm trying an alligator patch on track one, i'll get computer too slow.