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Originally Posted by sqkblue View Post
first track with vocals recorded with the m-audio producer usb mic in a vocal booth made of mattresses and real cheap gel foam. Check it out!
I can't really hear or understand the vocals. You might want to do some serial compression (using two compressors on the vocals) or even some vocal stacking (recording a couple stacks of the same vocal lyrics and pan them out). When I do serial compression on lyrics I use a fast attack/release time on the first compressor (preferably the FET comp) and a slower attack/release time on the secord (RE-2A would be the best for this type of serial compression, a FET/RE-2A serial comp setup). When I do vocal stacking I tend to do anywhere from 2 to 6 stacks and pan them out (sometimes with 2 I don't pan at all though). Also the vocals sounded drowned out in Reverb. You could try ducking your reverb while the vocals are going on so the reverb will be more prevalent at the end of each word. If you need some help wiring this in Reason let me know and I'll upload (or send you) a .Reason file so you can see how to wire it up.
Here's a link for a page about DIY acoustic panels ( your room acoustics probably arn't the reason I can't hear or understand the vocals though). Many people think that using a small enclosed space(like a closet) are best for vocal booths but there not, there actually one of the worse spots for recording vocals (due to room modes and standing waves). You tend to end up with a very boxy or hollow sound in small enclosures. I built some acoustic panels for my studio and I record vocals in the studio (which is the size of an average bedroom) with the speakers off. There's also some other cheaper methods you can do (that won't work as well) like hanging some Duvet covers.