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It's not very often that I post in this section but this one caught my eye as I am inspired by Blade Runner in my own music creations I produce. One of the tracks which might inspire you which I did was one called Skynet City 2099, I did back in 2005 I think it was with Reason 3.0, you can hear that from the link to soundclick found in my signiture below.

As for this track you did, it's a really nice blend of sounds which very slowly changes and suits the futuristic feel. There is a longer section of the track which could do with some more variation to add some interest I think, as the panning of the bass in a particular section needs some more support in a way.
The track actually reminded me in parts to ingame music from Unreal Tournament 2004, each level of that game has it's own unique music track which brings the game to life. I recognised the themes from Blade Runner in the first section and 3/4 through the last bit which I thought was really cool.

Anyways thanks for uploading, it kinda inspires me to produce a new soundtrack myself, particulary as I've got some nice RE's to use for it.