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Originally Posted by eXode View Post
I don't agree with your logic, that is all. I hope you don't feel that I'm attacking you for this. But I don't agree with your logic.
I never felt you attacked me, you are very polite, I had bad experiences from others here, that goes to them.

Software world is a little bit differed especially in Reason.

In real world lets say all the producers of the planet had the Moog synth , if another company wanted to sell their products should become competitive in price level or in the features that has to offer, otherwise only few would bought their product.

Everybody in Reason world own Thor...

I cant see any attractive price at Anti nor some special features, only some ease of use that doesn't really matter to me.

I can understand your points and you are right in some ways , but i hope you understand me too.

Enough said, i got tiered of this.