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Originally Posted by mr2010 View Post
hi guys, thanks for all the help in the past, i'm just getting back in the states and excited to have some spare time to play with reason 6.5.1

I went to music store and they have great holiday sales going. Since I already purchased 2 of the later refills that interested me, he told me make my own sounds....i don't have the time to learn that process right now. Then he pointed me to these DVDS that are over half off!

They have a bunch of wav dvds on sale. Can anyone point me into the best wav dvds? I guess what's my best option if I want real sounds like Kontakt? I'm not looking for loops, I'd like a more wide range of strings, power guitars, guitars, and horns. I've never purchased a wav cd, but have used wav drums to make some kits. Is the quality pretty good compared to refills?

I saw several multi-format dvds that had rex, but those seemed to be built on loops/construction kits. I'm looking for something that i can use with nnxt, kong, etc...

BTW, I can't get any rack extensions right now because my computer couldn't handle 2 or 3 tracks during the trial period. I don't understand, in reason 6 i could use alligator for 4 or 5 tracks. Ever since the first upgrade I can't run one track with Alligator. I can't play old songs that used it in Reason 6. Even on a brand new song, if i'm trying an alligator patch on track one, i'll get computer too slow.
Not as much variety as with Kontakt but you have a few options in Reason:

1. Soundfonts.

There is a lot available here and most of it is either for free or very inexpensive. Pros is that in the past Soundfonts were probably the biggest sample format ever. Cons is that Soundfonts is not as popular as it once was. It is more geared for smaller file sizes. Also while NNXT is soundfont compatible it is not 100% compatible. You will lose the built-in effects and Mod wheel parameters completely. The Amp Envelope settings also don't seem to translate 100% correctly either but that is usually east to correct. The velocity can also be overly sensitive but again easy to correct. Also be wary of Soundfonts that use a large amount of samples at multivelocities. Those dont seem to play back right at all and will give you a very loud noise when trying to play that can possibly damage your speakers (and your hearing). To be fair though I haven't seen no perfect soundfont players but in the VST world a few players seem to be overall better than Reasons, (FL Studio's, Studio One's Prescense, and the free shortcircuit and Sfz). Stay away from Kontakt and Ableton's Sampler for soundfont compatibility. They do a much worse job than NNXT on this.

2. Refills.

There are actually plenty of Refills available that do a great job in sampling. Sonic Reality Refills are probably your first stop. Sonic Refills Gold, MiroSlav, Hip Hop Composer refills are some good ones. Big Fish also steps into the game here. When it comes down to it, you can get just about any sound you can get on the VST sample libraries, you just don't have as much variety and forget very large sample libraries (over 10 gig libraries).

3. Old Akai Sample CDs. Reason used to have a program called Reload that converted old Akai Sample CDs to refills and/or NNXT files. ReLoad actually seemed to work perfectly at doing this as well because from what I hear the NNXT was actually modelled after the Akai rackmount samplers. Why Props discontinued Reload I don't know but their are other programs such as Translator. And there are still some good Akai Libraries out there that are better qualtiy than Soundfonts but then again, Akai Sample CDs are a pretty much dead format now since EastWest and Bigfish went on the VST route.

4. Use Wav CDs. Works perfectly for drum libraries or even Bass/Simple synth leads, just not as good for other instruments.

5. Sample your own. Takes a lot of work but even just doing the simple sampling can sometimes get you closer to the sound in your head.

But a Reason user will use a combination of all five to get their sounds.