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Ingnition Key Fix

Try this: enter the following into your broser.

This should give you access to the key.

Click config. enter your PC 's IP into the 'Bind address' feild (Start ->Run: 'cmd' ->ipconfig all for those who dont' know how to get your ip info - i'm sure you do)

The port should read : 22350

Let me know if it works...

On a side note and perhaps should be a seperate topic.... i found out my computer hangs if i shutdown and reboot. The ignition key causes my PC to hang as it is trying to boot an OS off the key... It somehow changed my BIOS boot priority adding the USB as #2 before my HD. I nearly did a system recovery before realizing what it was.
So in short, i had to reset my BIOS to exclude the usb...Anyone else hear of this?

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