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One pirate site currently lists 13,699 illegal downloads of TAIKO 2. If each person had paid $1.00 for his or her copy from this site, it would amount to more than the library has grossed so far. I disclose this information to illustrate the point that these libraries are investments, and getting them "in the black" takes time, effort and further capital to promote them.

- How heavy the drums were. Getting them on and off the recording stage - sometimes taking two or three people to move just one drum. The thought of that physical act, combined with the knowledge that someone is freely taking TAIKO 2 gets under my skin.

- My partner on TAIKO 2 is having a kid in a few months. The fact that this library has been pirated sucks for him.

- What will the future bring? Despite my passion for doing what I do, is that enough to press on knowing that the products will be pirated?
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I remember back in the day when many software companies stopped doing games for the AMIGA computer because nobody bought the games but everybody pirated them.
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