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Originally Posted by JamesBermingham View Post
I was in my local Music/Synth Store playing on the Yamaha Motif XF workstation just the other day. What a sytnh/workstation it is. I was also on the Roland Fantom which was good also, but it just wasn't as inspiring as the Motif.

Anyhow it got me thinking to the way I used to compose before Reason ever existed, say back in the 90s. I had my Workstation synth, limited to say 16 Midi tracks. But i found that these limitations were good, as I would get my tracks finished, Start to End.

I absolutly love Reason. Dont get me wrong. Its awesome. But I find I have hundreds of 4 bar loops going nowhere. My songwriting has been hindered Which got me thinking.

Why don't the Props build a Reason, hardware,All-in-one-Workstation Synth, with all its software Soundbanks and FX, but maybe with certain optional limitations (say 16 Track Sequencer??), that will help with creativity and workflow. Also, it would be a super Live instrument, with the Props already Rock Solid Reputation of being 100 percent reliable. But its a Go-To Synth, with no distractions, but with limitations that actually help with creativity and inspiration.Just a thought.....

Anyhow, until then, I am somehow gonna get up the €2,500 to buy the Yamaha Motiff XF workstaion. I was truly amazed and inspired playing it. I know it will get my songwriting to a place where it just hasn't been in a few years.
Reason pretty much IMO best emulates these workstations out of every other DAW.

It comes with many workstation style presets and it sequencer is very inspiring for those who play in their parts.