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Originally Posted by pirnikas View Post
I heard a rumor that Propellerheads are working on a Reason PRO. The rumor said also that there won't be Reason 7 but a step further - it's called Reason PRO. Ernst has said that they have been working hard to Wow us out with the Pro vesrion. All the critics of Reason's sound made them tired so Pelle Jubel said "If people still complain about Reason not working soundwise, then I quit my job and retire, but before you judge, try out Reason PRO - all the small and bigger things we never did because of the backwords compatibility, are now added. The love factor that people had with Reason & Record combo, is gonna get even bigger with Reason PRO. The audio science team knows speakers and they know DSP - they have made it easy to understand the audio secrets of Pro sounding music.

The Reality: This is just a rumor.
Did you just make this up?