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I was just about to make yet another thread on this very subject.

The lack of Aux-Bus Mixing has consistently irritated me to no end. What dumbfounds me is that the Props have already created the conceptual framework for this capability! When you examine the rear panel of the Mix Channel devices, you'll see a "P-LAN OUT" indicator on the far right end.

From a signal routing perspective in relation to coding, this little P-LAN box could be a simple drop-down that would list the "active auxiliary buses". How do you have active buses? Simple! Put a small slide switch on the back of the Mix channels to engage it as an Aux Bus, so that any Mix Channel can be used for this purpose. The P-LAN drop-down box would list (by channel name) all Mix Channels with their "Bus Switch" engaged.

This would also allow multiple busing structures, since any Mix Channel configured to be an Aux Bus could also output to any other P-LAN Bus device, this would allow for nested busing!

Since the front panel of the Mix Channel is also quite bare, you could include a visual indicator like a small 1-line (similar to the patch name) display that would show which Bus the Mix Channel is routed.

ETA: I neglected to address an important element in all of this. Mute / Solo, and Fader control. This could all be readily handled behind the scenes just like the internal routing within Thor's Matrix, and allow the Mute or Solo buttons to send the same signal to all controlled channels. The same with Fader control, although this is a bit more complicated as it would require an array of variables defining the "high" or "current" fader level for adjustments of the controlled fader levels, and to establish a ratio so that all channels could be brought to zero at the same time.

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