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well, a few years ago, arround summertime, i have count all the views of two of our packs on diffrent warez sites. Ok not every view is a download, but all together the result was almost 800.000 potencial illegal downloads, i have stop to count ! So i have immediatly send abuse reports to the sharehoster, but a few days after the links were removed, new ones appearing. And it was a back and forth for weeks. But all this has not affect the sales, they become even more. And people still come back to us to buy the license for packs they pirated before for what ever reasons.

The biggest problems began with the download rewards of the fileshare hoster.

A new profit orientated group of uploaders came up (the parasit). They work with diffrent accounts and usernames on diffrent warez size. To make you think there are a lot persons providing pirated stuff.

They make good rewards money, enough to have a living from and to buy the newest releases to make more money. And they upload everthing, not just software and soundware !

And yeah most company's weekly releases makes it easy for them. They buy up to 20 or even more packs on diffrent distributers weekly. They know everyone wants the newest stuff.

But you can be sure, some filehosters already stop their reward program, and when all others do, this group of uploaders will dissapear completly. These people are psychopaths, they know it's wrong what they do, but they have no empathy, so as long as they get what they want they don't care about anything.
Downloaders, doesen't matter what kind off, are forced to support these parasits in form off payed pro accounts and regular downloads.

The most downloaders generally don't upload again what they pirated, expect those people who just looking for some community fame !

The real robin hoods are sharing in a peer to peer system and will stay, but you won't get the newest stuff two day's after release anymore and then you have to wait weeks or even months until someone has mercy !

Downloaders do damage only when they could "easily" afford what they pirated, liking & using it and never will be willing to pay for !

Those who downloading because they just can't afford now, these are all potencial costumers !

But some will never, cause they live in a country they happy enough they get a outranged computer working and have at least internet access in exceptional circumstances.

But i think to get more of the customers which are willing to pay ,but hesitate, every sound company should offer a refund warranty.
I mean everyone of us have make bad experiences with buying soundstuff and have to live with, because they are not refundable.

A nice democlip and a few demo samples is not enough to get sure this is the source i need.

And people who want's to check the product before, can use the warranty instead a illegal download link !
And those who wants to abuse this offer will maybe think twice, and accept the payment because the pack is really good. And when not then he has pirated it from you and not from a parasit and can enjoy his shabby victory.

Times have change, so we need to think about another solutions, just fighting against piracy won't help. Those who want it strictly for free will find a way anyway anytime !

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