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Originally Posted by BlueSmurf View Post
Two questions about this song:

1. How to get the pad sound throughout the song? Is it a ton of fx? reverb? It doesn't seem like it is panned wide either, it seems right up in your face kind of.

2. That little rhythm staccato type of sound that goes through whole song, what is the best way to create something like that? You don't play it or just write a part like that into the sequencer right? is that more of messing with the matrix or rpg8?

1. The pad is easy to duplicate in Thor, use 2 Multi Osc for your oscillators, that or 1 Analog Saw and 1 multi osc. Play with it, mix and match it with different octaves, Activate chorus in Thor. Play with the Frequencies. EQ some of the frequencies to make it Thin if it's too bassy for your liking. Reverb it a bit. That's it.

2. For that staccato type synth, he used an arpeggiator 2 of them I think and blended the pattern of those 2. he used delay on it with 1/8T steps... The staccato sounds is just Sawtooth, with the Delay(D) and Sustain(S) on both Filter Env and Amp Env dialed all the way down until you get that sound...
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