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Originally Posted by JensenTNI View Post
Ah OK, thought so. But would it theoritically not be possible for the Props to implement Midi-out in a way that would block certain functionalities (disable VST by default or something)
As Koshdukai said it's not something that is technically possible to do. Because MIDI is a standardised once you have it directed out of Reason you can point it at pretty much any MIDI software or device you like ..... which is pretty much all music software ever & all music technology hardware from the mid-80's onwards!

But the idea that having this ability will detract from sales of RE's is just nonsense IMO. RE's are obviously designed to work specifically in the Reason rack. That's a hugely attractive proposition for Reason users, of course. You couldn't begin to have this level of integration with any other software & certainly not hardware. So I don't see how this would get in the way of RE's. We're talking about two completely different things here, each with their own benefits & concessions, which is why many people still use both in their set-ups.