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Originally Posted by adfielding View Post
Not really. If you route a Subtractor's output to the left input of most devices, it'll be treated as a mono source and duplicated across the right channel accordingly. You could remove the merger/splitter in your example and it would sound exactly the same.

edit: the same is true in the second example as well.

If you want a true stereo sound from a Subtractor then you have to use two of them. Easy way to do this is to Combine the Subtractor, duplicate it and make adjustments to the filter settings and envelopes and possibly tuning on the second one. Route the output of the first Sub to the Combinator's left "from devices" input and the second Sub to the right input. Make sure the Combinator is sending both left & right channels to the mix channel (which it might not do by default if you combine a single Sub). Sorted.
So I was right, at least that it'll be the same in either ways of splitting/merging (or even without, didn't knew that), but won't be a stereo at all!

And thanks for the clarification & the tip about how to achieve true stereo with Subtractor!